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One of the questions couples ask me most frequently is; Where should we have our engagement shoot?

The truth is, as with wedding venues or locations, the sky’s the limit. If you read my post earlier this year on Why Engagement Shoots Are Important, you would know that I see them as a little record of this amazing slice of life that you are living right now. So if we’re creating a little record of your life, then it would make  sense for you to choose a location for your shoot that really means something to you. These are my 3 tips on choosing your engagement shoot location:

1. Make it mean something

Every couple has a special place, or maybe you have more than one? It may be a park you spend time in. It may be your favourite art gallery. You may want to revisit the place you met or proposed. You may even want to have it in the comfort of your own home.

The options are endless! So pick a place that makes you smile. Somewhere you will be happy to look back on in years to come.

2. Make sure you will have space

This may seem like an odd thing to consider, but having space to create beautiful images of the two of you together is important. You may have met outside some tourist ‘hot spot’ in London, Paris or Athens – what an awesome story to tell your kids – but this will mean that if your shoot takes place there, you are likely to be surrounded by people the whole time.

So think outside the box. If you met in the shadow of a gorgeous landmark, cross the river and make sure you have it in the background. Or find a hill or park where you can see it in the distance. It will still appear in your photo’s but you will not be fighting for space in between passers-by.

The same advice applies if you have decided on an indoor shoot. In the case of an indoor shoot you need to consider the size of the room – especially at home as in certain countries, apartments can be quite compact. Is there enough space for both of you and your photographer (me)? Do you have enough storage for the bits and pieces you don’t want appearing in your photo’s to be packed away? It’s these small considerations that make all the difference.

Engagement shoot location, Maxeen Kim Photography, Engagement Ring

3. Make sure there will be light

I know, I know… Photographers are always going on about the light. But it’s important stuff! Without it, I couldn’t create any of the gorgeous images that brought you here in the first place.

This generally isn’t a problem if you pick an outdoor location. However, if you live somewhere cold that calls for an indoor shoot, look for somewhere with big windows. Somewhere with sky-lights or big glass doors. Think galleries, or coffee shops or cafe’s with undercover outdoor areas.

Natural light is the best kind of light and by making sure there is lots of it around, you will be guaranteed beautifully bright and dreamy images.

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