I believe at-home engagement sessions capture the candid and the genuine. As you are in your own space, you will automatically feel more comfortable and relaxed. This opens you up to getting closer and being romantic.

An engagement session at home is also the perfect choice for bad weather days. An important thing to consider if you are living in London.

With white walls and big windows, Amanda and Howie had the perfect space for their engagement session to take place. The room we shot in featured a pastel pink sofa and a black and white geometric carpet. The couple added colourful accent cushions to add a relaxed and fun vibe.

I wanted to create photos that feel genuine, authentic, and yet magical! I believe it’s the small things that actually matter the most. So I asked them to spend time in the space the way they would if I wasn’t around. So there were long coffees, quite cuddles and lots of laughs.

At Home Engagement and Couple Photography in London

Because love should always be celebrated… Whether you choose to mark your engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or ‘just because’. A couple shoot is a truly special way to capture every milestone on your journey together.

My engagement and couple sessions are the perfect partnership of documentary-style photography and elegant portraiture. I aim to create a true reflection of your love for one another through my images.

To book your own London engagement or couple photography session, contact me.

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