Maxeen Kim Photography, Merry Christmas

When I walked into my mother’s house two weeks ago, I was greeted by my six year old brother who, with great excitement told me to come and look at the Christmas Tree! I walked into the lounge and in all honesty, it’s beautiful – my mother decided to go all out. It’s a 6 foot tall celebration of red, gold and silver, paying special homage to sparkle. The tiny human next to me was jumping up and down, squeaking about how he had chosen the star on top and then said, “And look Max, you’re hanging on the Christmas Tree!”

This comment made me laugh. When I was his age and lost something I would ask my mom where they were and (around the festive season) she would respond saying, “I don’t know Maxeen. Hanging on the Christmas Tree?”

He was right though. There one the tree, was a silver decoration with my name on it. I told you she had gone all out!

Maxeen Kim Photography, Merry Christmas Maxeen Kim Photography, Merry Christmas Maxeen Kim Photography, Merry Christmas

So today, from me and my rather quirky family, I would like to wish you a merry Christmas. May it be filled with food, love and happiness. I hope you are spoilt with time spent with those you love and that you be blessed with precious memories until next year when you get to do it all again.

Much love,



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