Blue and White Domed Church in Oia Santorini

In August this year I decided to explore Oia, Santorini. After travelling Greece for over 4 years, I wanted to visit one of it’s most iconic islands.

I opted to stay in Perissa, which lies  on the opposite side of the island to Oia and Fira, Santorini’s most recognisable villages – and the busiest tourist hot spots.  Perissa is a great option if you have kids as it is flatter than the other villages so your little ones won’t risk falling down any stairs. It has a wonderful relaxed vibe and it’s black sand beaches are the perfect place to put your feet up and catch a tan. However, you can’t visit Santorini without seeing the blue domes of Oia.

The best advice I could possibly give you on visiting Oia is; Get Up Early! It’s the most beautiful village but if you want it’s streets to yourself, the key is to wake up with the birds. It’s gorgeous little buildings clinging to the cliff side, coupled with it’s amazing views, are so worth getting up for.

I arrived at 6am and had 2 hours to explore it’s winding cobbled streets, photograph it’s pretty blue doors and try to get one of it’s many cats to make friends with me before everyone else arrived.

By the time the village had awoke and was buzzing with people, I was settling into a comfy seat on the top floor of a café. If there is an options to go upstairs – take it! I got to enjoy a freddo cappuccino (if you haven’t had one, you have to try them!) and a fresh pastry, whilst basking in the sunshine, watching the world go by. My camera was full of images – and it wasn’t even 10am yet!

It’s really the most wonderful way to start your day on the island.

The Village of Oia on the Cliffs of SantoriniFeet in Sandals Against Blue White and Terracotta Tiles in Oia SantoriniOlive Tree Against a Terracotta Wall With A Window in Oai SantoriniThe Village of Oia Santorini and A Mottled Village CatWhite Houses of Oia Santorini with Pink Flower Pots View of the Windmill and Buildings of Oia Santorini Destination Wedding Photographer Maxeen Kiim in Oia SantoriniWhite Windmill in Oia Santorini GreeceOne of the Oldest Churches in Oia Santorini with the Greek Flag Flying Palm Fronds and Umbrellas on the Cliffs of Santorini Plunge Pool and Umbrella Balcony in Oia SantoriniPink Bougainvillea Against a Pink and White Wall in Oia Santorini Blue and White Church and Pink Bougainvillea in Oia Santorini Luxury Wedding Photographer Maxeen Kim in Oia SantoriniMottled Cat Sleeping On The Streets of Oia Santorini

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