Biscuiteers Couple Shoot Nottinghill

What can I say about Eulanda and Omos’s Biscuiteers couple shoot in Nottinghill? Delicious! From now on, any shoot involving food bloggers and tea and nibbles – I’m there!

Euland and Omo are the super stylish dream team behind Hey Dip Your Toes In, an award winning food, travel and lifestyle blog that will have you dreaming about packing it all in and running around the world. I will warn you in advance – their blog is dangerous for your bank balance if you A: like eating (which I do) or B: love travel (if you don’t know I love this by now then you can’t read or see).

Their beautiful images and easy writing style will tempt you to take trips to far off places filled with sunshine and flavourful new foods. And yes, they really are as cool, relaxed, happy and in love as they look in the pictures.

Their shoot took place at Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Shop in Nottinghill, a speciality bakers who create delicious treats for every occasion. It was the perfect place to indulge their foodie heart with tea and biscuits, love and laughs.

We took a casual walk around the area before ending at the Biscuiteers; stopping at a book shop along the way and doing a spot of people watching as we went. The Biscuiteers beautifully decorated façade provided us with the perfect backdrop for their photo’s.

Nottinghill book store couple shoot Nottinghill book store couple shoot Biscuiteers couple shoot in NottinghillBiscuiteers couple shoot in NottinghillCute Biscuiteers Couple Shoot in Nottinghill Biscuiteers couple shoot in NottinghillChairs outside the Biscuiteers in NottinghillBiscuiteers Couple shoot in Nottinghill Portraits outside Biscuiteers in NottinghillBiscuiteers Couple shoot in Nottinghill London

If you’re considering having your own couple shoot, I would be over the moon to be considered as your photographer.  It doesn’t have to be to celebrate an engagement or another big event. You don’t have to be married either. Sometimes it’s just nice to document a little slice of this wonderful thing called life that you get to share with someone special. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


A beautiful way to celebrate a remarkable couple! Love you both!!!!

Thank you so much Valencia. We’re grateful to Maxeen for the opportunity to be captured through her eyes.

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