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Last year I rebranded. I did a big count down, accompanied by a complete website over-haul. I loved it. I chose business colours that I felt worked and reflected me. I was happy. Then I went travelling…

I have always loved what I do, but while travelling I got to truly fall in love with photography again; with shooting images for myself, as much as for my clients; with the art of seeing, and the connection that it plays between who I am and all that I am passionate about. Considering all this, I decided that it was time to inject a little bit more of ‘me’ into everything I do.

For a long time I had wanted an image based logo… I wanted something that encompassed my passionate need for adventure and travel to far off places; something that whispered ‘summer and sunshine’ but was still luxe and contemporary. But what to use? Then I stumbled upon this little quote:




My little cousin, Grace, and I had shared a slightly quirky obsession with pineapples for quite a while. We had pineapple jewellery, clothes, candles, photo frames… you name it, if it was pineapple shaped or printed, we probably had it! Couple that with the fact that pineapples made me think of exotic islands, and that the little quote pretty much encompassed everything I wanted my brides to feel on their big day; to feel like a queen. It was perfect. BE A PINEAPPLE!

I contacted Timothy Evans, a talented graphic designer from South Africa. After a few discussions about where I’d travelled to, where I was moving to (more about this soon, I promise!) and what I wanted, my new mini rebrand was well underway. 2 months later and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

So today, as I ring in a shiny new year all the way in chilly Ireland, I would like to share with you my new and improved site, with it’s quirky new logo and the simple New Years wish that in 2016 you be a pineapple!


Ah Max you are so awesome. Love this! Well done on being truly inspiring. I recon I’m going to embrace being a pineapple this year. Thank you xx


Ah Bridge,
Your comments always make me smile. I’m so glad you like the post. 2016 is definitely the year of the pineapple for me! xxx

Claudi Landsberg

Love the easy flow of your Blog Maxeen. I am so pleased 2015 turned out so well for you and hope 2016 brings you even greater fulfilments than last year. You enjoy every step you take.


Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m so glad you like the blog and I look forward to sharing all my adventures with you in 2016.

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