The Big Adventure

Maxeen Kim Photography, The Big Adventure, Long live the romantic and the free

Today I’m delighted to finally share a secret with you that I have been keeping since the beginning of the year.

A series of unfortunate (or fortunate – depending on how you look at it) events brought me to a place where I decided I need a change, to explore and to challenge myself again. So after 3 years of running my business from the hustle and bustle of London town, I have decided to indulge one of my other great passions… Travel!

When I was 16, I promised myself that I would move to the UK and organise an amazing and interesting trip through Europe. Somehow life got in the way though and now 7 years later, I still haven’t done it. It was my biggest dream and I had just let it fall by the wayside whilst I was chasing my business goals… but given my recent personal experiences, I felt that now was the perfect time to revisit this particular dream and, in a way, reconnect with the 16 year old Maxeen who was so passionate about the world and all the promise it held… because life is too short to play it safe. It’s time to be brave, be fearless and be free.

Travel far enough, you meet yourself – David Mitchell

Therefore today I will be embarking on a 6 month trip through 10 European countries. Visiting wedding venues, creating destination styled shoots, shooting real weddings, sharing travel tips and much, much more!

Maxeen Kim Photography, The Big Adventure, Long live the romantic and the free

My travels will take me to the following countries; Cyprus, Greece, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Ireland. If you will be in any of these countries and would like to grab a coffee or just say hi, drop me a line. I will still be available for bookings whilst travelling, in addition to my intention to yoga, eat and photograph my way across the continent.

So the blog will be a much more exciting place to visit going forward… But should you want to know even more about my travels and what I’m up to, sign up to the newsletter. As a thank you for signing up, I will be sending you a downloadable background for your desktop or smartphone on a monthly basis from one of the awesome places I’ve got to visit. Just a little gift from me to you to say thank you for your support.

Alternatively, if you are a lover of Instagram or Facebook, you can follow my journey by searching the following hashtag on social media: #MKPFollowTheJourney

I’m looking so forward to sharing all the beautiful places, people and stories I come across with you. Wish me luck!

Much love,



7 thoughts on “The Big Adventure

  1. Everything that is good be with you during this wonderful journey. Of course there will be a few downs but they only make the ups look and feel even better. Have fun and LEARN and GROW in every way possible. xx

    1. Hi Claudette,
      Thank you so much for the wishes. It’s my wish to approach this experience with an open mind so that whether there be ups or downs, I can get the most out of it. xx

  2. Good luck Maxeen. Enjoy, explore, indulge and allow yourself the time to find what makes you tick even more than you know already! I found travelling a wonderful, fascinating, liberating experience. I hope you do too. Much love, Kathy xx

    1. Thank you so much Kathy. I intend on doing just that. I think my camera and I are going to have a lot of fun over these next few months. xx

  3. Wow just Wow.. I would love to be so brave but with a family and new business plus being 46 just not sure id find the chance to actually find my 16 year old self again..
    I wish you brilliant times and new friends on your adventures and if your in Carnac France at the end of August beginning of sept say hi
    Lisa x

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