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Family & Lifestyle Sessions

Have you ever gone to visit a friend and stumbled upon their family photo wall whilst walking through their home? This is always one of my most favourite discoveries! It’s their history. It’s where they’ve been and what holds them together – their memories. My favourite photo’s are always the natural ones; the ones where they’re laughing or doing something together. It’s always the ones where you can see what they’re wearing; that awesome 70’s bell-bottom style or the ridiculous colours of the 80’s. It’s the shots that reflect you that are always the most precious…

These are the moments I aim to capture for you during my lifestyle photography sessions. I keep things relaxed and personal, steering away from traditional posed portraits. I generally work with smaller family groups. We’ll hang out somewhere you enjoy going so I can get to know you, giving me more one-to-one time to focus on each of you individually.

So whether your little ones are running wild with the family dog, your tiny tot is snoozing with their first toy or you are sharing a quiet moment with the one you love. I aim to capture all your little details and moments so I can ensure that I create beautiful, natural photographs that reflect who you really are.

I offer maternity, newborn and family photography packages. For more about my these packages and my pricing, please click here.

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