UK and Greek Wedding Photographer

I am a UK and Greek -based wedding photographer. Living between London and Lefkada, an island in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece, I enjoy exploring tiny cafe’s, interesting art exhibitions and am always on the search for the world’s best ice cream. Having grown up in South Africa, I love being outside in the sunshine and have been known to hop on a plane to Europe, or anywhere else that sounds interesting, at the drop of a hat on the hunt for a beautiful beach or forgotten cobbled street.

Do you want a relaxed yet sophisticated wedding with beautifully glamorous details? Are you perhaps dreaming of getting married on a beach or cliff top? Or in a gorgeously quirky hotel or an open field?  Are you someone who finds meaning in the little things and wants decor details that echo your personal tastes and journey? I am, and I know how important it is for you to find a photographer who understands how much love and thought has gone into your planning. Someone who you get along with and blends in with your family and friends and wow’s you on delivery of your images because you forgot they were even there. I know how you feel, because when I plan my own wedding one day that will be exactly what I would be looking for.

To me, love is about finding your ‘happy dance’ partner; that person who sees all your quirks and loves you anyway (in fact, they may even find them cute!); that someone who makes life an adventure; the one you want to explore, travel and get up to mischief with. They’re the one you want to wake up next to on a rainy Saturday morning and drink coffee in bed with; who’ll hold your hand when you’re afraid and kiss you every night.  It’s the thing that happens when two imperfect people find each other and realise that life is more fun when they’re being perfectly imperfect together.

Marriage is about making sure that lasts forever…

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Shhhh… It’s a Secret!

5 Little Known Facts About Me:

  • Before photography, I painted and used to exhibit my work in galleries in London.
  • In 2016 I lived in India for a month where I qualified as an Ashtanga Yoga Instructor.
  • I am obsessed with ice cream – I literally eat an ice cream a day during the summer. It’s part of the reason I started yoga!
  • I am actually South Africa – although an unusual amount of people seem to think I’m Scandinavian.
  • I am the eldest of 4 children, and the only one of the 4 with blue eyes. Everyone else got brown.

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